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La Mer – The Lip Balm Review

Chapped lips is a complete “no-no” as far as I’m concerned so I always try to find lip balms that keep my lips moisturized.

Although I have only been using La Mer’s “The Lip Balm” for a short period of time, my lips have been absolutely loving it.

The first ingredient listed is Petrolatum which helps lock in moisture and that it definitely does.

I personally prefer to wear a light layer at night to ensure my lips are moisturized and nourished when I wake up. Then I wear a fresh layer before I apply any lip product for the day. You can reapply throughout the day to ensure your lips are looking its best.

For the most part, I wear La Mer’s “The Lip Balm” as a base. However, I regularly just opt to wear this lip balm alone when I’m running a quick errand because it helps highlight my natural lip color.

The only real con is the packaging as I have to dip my fingers into the lip balm. Though this is the case, you never really waste any product as once you apply the balm to your lips, you can simply rub any excess product around your fingers and cuticles to ensure that they are also moisturized.

The main reason why I haven’t tried this product earlier is the price point. Having tried this now though, I have to admit that it is worth the splurge.

You get results almost immediately with use. I have hardly scratched the surface so I know this pot will last me for some time yet.

Overall, I don’t hesitate recommending La Mer’s “The Lip Balm”.

Cheers to moisturized lips!

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