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Gucci Marmont Flap Bag Review

I used to be called a Gucci girl because I was so loyal to the brand. In recent years, I started to explore other fashion houses because Gucci didn’t offer anything that interested me – that is until the introduction of the Gucci Marmont Flap Bag and yes…..Gucci got be once again.

A lot of people have compared Gucci’s Marmont Bag, either fairly or unfairly, to Chanel’s Classic Flaps.

Personally, I feel that most bags are very similar and at the end of the day, it’s a matter of preference.

This is in the color Porcelain Rose. In lieu of a back pocket, there is an embossed heart.

If you have been dreaming about Chanel’s Classic Flap but have been wanting to invest in something that is less expensive, I encourage you to give the Marmont bag a try. In doing so, you will get a sense of whether or not flap bags suit your lifestyle.

The Gucci Marmont is currently offered in 5 sizes:

Supermini with Dimensions of 3.75 H” x 6.5″ W x 1.75″ D

Mini with Dimensions of 5.25 H” x 8.25″ W x 2.25″ D

Small with Dimensions of 6 H” x 10″ W x 3″ D

Medium with Dimensions of 7.5 H” x 12″ W x 3″ D

Large with Dimensions of 9.5 H” x 13.5″ W x 4″ D

Overall, the Marmont bag is very versatile and relatively light as there is just one flap. It is perfect to use both dressed up or down, cross body or shoulder. Depending on the size that you choose, you can definitely take this bag from day to night.

There is just one small interior zippered pocket (with the exception of the supermini which doesn’t have any pockets).

The bag does not have any protective feet on the bottom so you definitely need a bag holder if you don’t want to put the bag down. The style of the bag isn’t shaped where it will be able to sit up on it’s own so bare this in mind.

The Matelasse leather is quite malleable which can be both a pro or a con but you definitely don’t have to “break” into the bag so to speak and can successfully fit the things you want in the bag with a lot of ease.

The microfibre lining in the bag makes this bag very light. The strap on the top makes this comfortable to wear on the shoulder because it doesn’t dig into my skin.

The biggest con about the Marmont bag revolves around the clasp closure as it isn’t user friendly. Generally, you need both hands to open and sometimes even close the bag.

Given this, the bag likely will get flattened over time. This is less likely the case when the bag is full as the contents inside the bag help shape it in a way whereby you’re not fully pushing down on it when accessing it. The likelihood of the bag losing it’s shape over time is quite high though.

Another concern is with the gaps that appear on both sides of the bag as there is only one flap – not significant enough for things to fall out, however, something to be cognizant of.

I would have preferred a back pocket instead of the embossed heart. This way, we could easily put our phone or something that we need to use more frequently without having to fiddle with the clasp constantly.

Overall, I completely adore the Gucci Marmont Flap Bag. The brass hardware gives this bag a nice edgy, yet very chic, look. The different sizes serves different purposes and once you make the plunge and add this to your collection, you will be surprised at how frequently you end up reaching for this.

Happy shopping!

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