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SK-II Facial Treatment Essence Review: Is It Worth The Splurge?

There are a limited number of products that form part of my holy grail.  These are items that I would go to great lengths not to swap out but if I absolutely have to, am eager to replenish because I miss them that much.  

Even though I try to get back ups for all these products, from time to time, the store just runs out and/or my order is taking longer to arrive than expected.

One of my holy grail products that I have loved since the first time I used it is the SK-II Facial Treatment Essence

This product is a complete game changer!

SK-II Facial Treatment Essence contains 90% Pitera, which is a clear liquid that is rich in vitamins, amino acids and minerals. 

The aim is to help clear our skin, improve our skin texture, reduce spots and the appearance of wrinkles so that our skin is more radiant.

This product is suitable for all skin types and has been so effective that they have essentially not changed their formula for the past 35 years!

I know that the price point is the major deterrent, however, trying is believing! 

If you or someone you know have struggled to find something that will help balance out your skin, reduce redness and scarring, etc. and have tried multiple products trying to seek a solution, you might want to just save up some money and invest in this because you will actually see results. 

It’s a great feeling when you have the option to choose whether or not you want to wear makeup because your skin is glowing and is beautiful enough on it’s own.

For the best results, I recommend using this both day and night after you cleanse and tone. 

Pour about 5-10 drops into the palm of your hands, press the essence gently over your face and neck. 

After this, you can proceed to layer your serum, moisturizer and sunscreen. 

I know some people prefer to use a cotton pad but I personally just use my hands because I find that cotton pads just soak up the product that I want to use on my face.

If you want to give other SK-II products a try, I recommend you consider their limited-edition Fantasista Utamaro Pitera Aura Set which includes their: Genoptics Aura Essence (0.33 oz.), Facial Treatment Essence (2.5 oz.) and Facial Treatment Cleanser (0.57 oz.).   

Hope both your skin and mood will be absolutely radiant throughout this year!

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