Smile, Laugh and be Happy!


Hello and Welcome! 

When I first started a blog, it acted as a journal of sorts.

It was a medium to record and document celebrations, holidays and family outings. 

You can imagine my surprise when I found out there were other people reading and following along!  

So with some encouragement and a goal to better connect, came the creation of this blog and YouTube Channel – VCITY MOI. 

The range of topics covered will include Fashion, Beauty, Food, Wellness, Lifestyle and much, MUCH more.

I aspire to inspire.

Whether it’s through hauls, reviews or musings – I want to build a community where we can all uplift each other.

Join me here if you want to read up on my latest posts or watch my latest video on my YouTube Channel. You can also find out what I’m up to on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter.

Thank-you everyone for all your support – it means the world to me!